Friday Flashback: “Anticipation” – Carly Simon

Carly onboard the QE2 about 10 years ago or so doing her classic, "Anticipation". Hard to believe this was a hit all the way back in 1971.


Friday Flashback: “Be My Baby” – Ronnie Spector and the “new” Ronnettes

Incredible performance by the legend, Ronnie Spector with her "new" Ronettes... Belinda Carlisle (The Go-Go's") and legendary great, Grace Slick (Jefferson Airplane). And let's not forget, and he's not a Ronette, the very great sax player from the E Street Band (Bruce Springsteen's musicians) Clarence Clemmons. Even at age 67 in this video, she still …

FB Page Lake Minnetonka Area Events, Headlines & Happenings Set For Deletion

I was suspended from Facebook for a post that was written 18 months in the past. At that point, it was my 6th suspension this year. When the suspension was lifted, I really didn’t want to restart Lake Minnetonka Area Events, Headlines & Happenings because I was a little sick of them and their heavy …