Colder Weather Has Boat Owners Looking to Get Off the Lake

October is always a busy time at marinas.

But with the recent snow up north, and temperatures here in the Twin Cities starting to dip down to at or below freezing overnights, some boat owners are a little concerned about getting their boats out of the water.

At North Shore Marina on Lake Minnetonka, the flurry of fall takeout has actually quite organized.

“This time of year could be chaotic if you didn’t have it scheduled,” owner Richie Anderson said.

Anderson said they schedule the 350 boats they take out each fall, going through 70 boats a week throughout October. Each boat is plucked from the water, cleaned, winterized, then shrink-wrapped before being set aside for the next six months.

Some marinas said the recent cold and rain has led boat owners to call in an effort to move up their previously scheduled takeout date.

“There’s no hurry until the weather changes and people say ‘Ah man, I need my boat winterized,'” Anderson said.

Anderson said cabin owners who have boats on lifts up north, where overnight lows could be below freezing for the next 10 days, should drop them into the water.

“If you have your boat in the water, I think it’s easily good until it’s 20 degrees,” he said. “If it warms up during the day. If it’s in the open air on a lift, you have to probably worry at 25 degrees.”

And marinas say there is another trick to use if someone is worried about freezing temperatures.

Put a small heater by the engine to keep things warm until getting the boat out of the water.

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