Person Who Solicited Assassination of Justice Kavanaugh is Samantha Ness, a teacher in Rosemount

I wrote a post entitled, Liberal Hate, Exhibit 2: Threatening a Supreme Court Justice with death. At the time of its posting we had no idea who wrote it. We do now. Her name is Samantha Ness and she is a teacher at Intermediate District 917 in Rosemount.

Here is a screenshot of her two tweets:

Excerpt from Alpha News:

A local special education teacher has been placed on paid administrative leave after soliciting the assassination of newly appointed Justice Brett Kavanaugh on social media.

Samantha Ness, a teacher at Alliance Education Center in Rosemount, faced instant backlash after threatening Kavanaugh on Twitter over the weekend.

Twitter uses were quick to call out the concerning tweet and identify Ness as a local teacher with Intermediate District 917 which offers students needing “low incidence special education services” to member school districts in the southeastern Twin Cities area.

Shortly after being called out on the threat, Ness deleted the tweet and attempted to scrub her social media footprint, de-activating both her Twitter and Facebook. However, a plethora of screenshots remain from social media users, including a web archive of her post.