GoFundMe page set up for Emma Rose Consignment co-owner

A GoFundMe page has been set up for Cari Giglio, co-owner of Emma Rose Consignment in Excelsior.

On July 8, Giglio suffered a brain hemorrhage in the pons of her brain stem. A week later, she suffered a stroke due to the hemorrhaging and swelling in her brain. She was admitted to the hospital for about a week while receiving medical care and regaining use of her right side.

During this time, Giglio learned that a malformation had grown in her brain stem, which was the cause of the hemorrhage. There is a surgery to fix this problem, but doctors in Minnesota are unwilling to do the surgery. A doctor in Phoenix, Arizona, will do the surgery but Giglio is battling to get the surgery covered by insurance and needs financial assistance.

Cari is married to Anthony Giglio, who’s also the co-owner of Emma Rose Consignment. She’s the mother of three children, Calvin (19), Patrick (18) and Emma (16).

The goal is $10,000 and in the past two weeks, over $7,000 has been raised. To donate, visit bit.ly/2xJ7WgC.

To learn more about the Giglio’s and Emma Rose Consignment, visit bit.ly/2RrmxWw.

Source: https://www.hometownsource.com/sun_sailor/free/gofundme-page-set-up-for-emma-rose-consignment-co-owner/article_2a75c7cc-c7e2-11e8-ae8e-73ab57dcba46.html