FB Page Lake Minnetonka Area Events, Headlines & Happenings Deactivated, Set For Deletion

The last time I was suspended from Facebook was for a post that was written 18 months ago. At that point, it was my 6th suspension this year. When the suspension was lifted not even two weeks ago, I really didn’t want to restart Lake Minnetonka Area Events, Headlines & Happenings because I was a little sick of them and their heavy censorship, but I did because oddly enough, the page was still growing and people asked me to. At that time I made a promise to myself that if Facebook ever suspended me again for something that is years old, I would delete my account and terminate everything Facebook. As you know by now, that happened.

I didn’t even make it two weeks from my last suspension, and Facebook found a post that was 6 years old and suspended me again for being in violation of their bogus “community standards”, what a crock of shit that is. Six years ago! It didn’t even take me 20 seconds after I found that out to deactivate my account and set it up for deletion, and that includes Lake Minnetonka Area Events, Headlines & Happenings. True to my word, I’m done with them, period.

I have stripped everything Facebook off of this site including the share button. Like I said, I am completely done with them.