St. Boni non-compliant rental properties face fines

The St. Boni City Council has put non-compliant rental property owners on notice that criminal complaints are pending if they do not comply with the requirements of obtaining a rental license.

At its Sept. 5 meeting, the council reviewed five properties, including an 18-unit apartment building, which had not passed the required rental dwelling inspection by June 1, 2018. The city requires a license to rent out residential properties. Two-year licenses are up for renewal on June 1 in even-numbered years.

The purpose of the license is to assure both the renter and the property owner that the dwelling is safe and up to code. An inspection by the building official is required to obtain and renew a license. The ordinance calls for a $50 penalty to be issued on the first day of non-compliance (June 2) and $5 per day until an inspection is passed and a license is issued.

Property owners have received multiple notices and certified mail regarding the administrative charges, according to City Administrator/Clerk/Treasurer Brenda Fisk. “It’s now mid-September and they are not responding to our request,” she said.

Sargent Mike Kokesh, who was on hand for his monthly report from the Minnetrista Department of Public Safety, said the police department could notify the property owners that “significant” action could take place if they don’t comply, including a criminal complaint and citations.

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