Minnetrista discusses banning short term rentals

Short term rentals are becoming a discussion item in several of our local cities. Minnetrista has been discussing these short term rentals—also known as VRBO’s, Vacation Rental By Owners—for over a year now. The city stepped closer to a decision at their May 7th meeting where they considered an ordinance banning all short term rentals. After hearing feedback from the community and discussing the issue as a council, Mayor Lisa Whalen directed staff to draft a new ordinance prohibiting short term rentals with an exception made for owner occupied rentals. The council also asked that the ordinance provide a date that this prohibition would take effect, for example December 31st of this year. The staff will return with a new ordinance for the council’s consideration at their next meeting.

Full Story: https://www.hometownsource.com/laker_pioneer/minnetrista-discusses-banning-short-term-rentals/article_4baf9402-59f3-11e8-a943-8f344ab62866.html