Construction continues in Long Lake

Construction on Wayzata Boulevard in Long Lake is well underway, with plenty of progress already having been made.

During the Long Lake Chamber meeting in July, members and business owners received a construction update, progress report and a look ahead at future work on the project from representatives from Hennepin County.

Since construction began, over the past three months, 25,000 square yards of pavement has been removed along Wayzata Boulevard. Along with that, 25,000 cubic yards of soil has been removed, two major box culverts (passages for water under the road) were replaced and more than 15,000 feet of private and public underground utilities were replaced, relocated and buried.

In addition to that work, construction workers have also poured new driveways, curbs and gutters along the northern half of Wayzata Boulevard , from Brimhall Avenue to Brown Road and along the southern half of Wayzata Boulevard, from Brown Road to Mill Street.

Over the next three weeks, the project will look to focus on a variety of pieces.

Source: Laker & Pioneer | Construction continues in Long Lake