Mound Woman, Alison Krug Sentenced in Swindling Case, Pleads guilty on all 6 counts

A Mound woman will be able to avoid jail time after she pleaded guilty to six counts of theft by swindle in May, according to Hennepin County court records.

Alison Krug, 38, was convicted of the six charges after making off with $181,500 from the North Hennepin Community College Foundation and $19,000 from Tonka Alano Society last year.

Krug faced up to almost four years in prison, but she instead received a stay of five years and will only serve time if she violates conditions of supervised probation and work release. She was, however, sentenced to one year in the Hennepin County workhouse and ordered to pay $190,655 to the North Hennepin Community College Foundation and $22,105 to the Tonka Alano Society.

A criminal complaint said Klug was hired at NHCCF to do bookkeeping. An internal investigation found that she made duplicate paychecks for herself, created fictitious payees to receive those checks and forged a supervisor’s signature on the duplicates, the complaint said.

The Hennepin County Attorney’s Office said Brooklyn Park police also found that Klug regularly deposited checks from the Tonka Alano Society, for which she served as a volunteer treasurer.

Klug was also convicted of misdemeanor fifth-degree assault in 2007 and of misdemeanor harassment and stalking in 2008.

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