Man on bicycle chased by grizzly bear 

A couple traveling on a British Columbia highway captured photos of a cyclist being chased down the road by an enormous grizzly bear.

Cassie Beyer of Idaho said she and her husband, Donald Poster, were driving down the scenic stretch of road July 14 and taking photos of the wilderness when they spotted the man on a bicycle being chased by a grizzly bear at the side of the road.

“My husband slammed on the brakes and I didn’t know what he was doing until I saw this. I already had my camera out,” Beyer told KREM-TV.

Beyer said Poster started honking the horn in an effort to scare away the bear.

A second vehicle, a pickup truck, arrived on the scene and also honked at the bear.

The driver of the pickup truck, Robbie Flemming, said his honking eventually got the cyclist’s attention.

“Finally he looked over at me and I said, ‘You’ve got a grizzly bear about 25 feet behind you.’ He looked back and went, ‘Oh!’ and started to pound on the pedals,” Flemming told Global News.

Beyer said the bear lost interest in the cyclists and turned its attention to the honking vehicles for long enough to allow the man on the bicycle to escape the scene.

“I’d never seen anything like it,” Beyer told the Idaho Statesman.

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