Watch: Cigarette-smoking man climbs to top of Chicago bus 

A man was caught on camera riding a Chicago city bus “like a boss” by climbing on top of the vehicle and smoking a cigarette.

Lloyd Anthony Peters said he was near the Chicago Transit Authority bus stop at Fullerton and Sheffield when a man asked him for a cigarette.

“I gave him one,” Peters told WMAQ-TV.

He said the man then asked if he could swipe his Ventra card to get onto the No. 74 Fullerton bus heading westbound.

“I tell him I can’t do that, because he told me he was going westbound, and I couldn’t cross the street, because I had crutches and a cast,” Peters told WBBM-TV. “He literally just said fuck it, and he climbed on top of the bus, and lit the cigarette, and just went straight down Fullerton like a boss.”

Peters posted a photo and a video of the unusual sight to Facebook.

“He was incredibly athletic to get up there so fast and without any issues,” Peters said.

“I feel blown away by it, to be quite honest,” he said. “I’ve seen some people do some crazy things. You know, you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do to get around. I understand that, but climbing on top of a bus?”

CTA spokeswoman Irene Ferradaz said the agency is working with Chicago police to identify the man “and will pursue appropriate charges.”

“This kind of behavior is extremely foolish and dangerous not just to the person involved, but other passengers as well,” Ferradaz said.

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