Mound discusses builds, rentals

At the June 27 Mound City Council meeting, the council heard updates on road and building products before discussing the possibility of setting up regulations for short term rental housing.

Brian Simmons from Bolton and Menk Inc. was on hand to present a feasibility report and ask for a hearing on the 2018 Westedge Boulevard Street Utility and Retaining Wall Improvement Project.

“One point of order here, is why are we talking about this now?” he said. “Usually I’m here in October, but right now Met Council is driving the bus.”

The Metropolitan Council is continuing a number of improvements in the area, that will include improving the forcemain that conveys flows from Mound to Blue Lake and runs along Westedge Boulevard. Their project is a two-year effort, meaning it’s on their calendar for bidding this fall. Mound is combining their water main improvements with this project, so bidding must be on the table this fall.

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