Boat Sharing Hits Shores in Minnesota

People say the two happiest days of a boat owner’s life are the day they buy it and the day they sell it.

Gail and Bob Quam were trying to enjoy one of those days in between with some friends, but one of the motors on their boat wouldn’t start.

“It’s better to know somebody with a boat than to have one,” the Quam’s friend, Lake Bechtell, said while he waited for the boat to start cooperating again.

That’s exactly why the boat sharing movement is starting to make waves in Minnesota.
Companies like Social Floats, Get My Boat and BoatBound all offer ways for people to either rent a boat directly from an owner or put your own boat online to pick up some extra cash.

Local Minnesotans Paul Shagalov and Mike Viaene founded Social Floats earlier this year.

“We were just trying to figure out how we can make the lake more accessible and affordable for more people,” Viaene said.

Viaene and Shagalov charge about $100 an hour, which includes a captain. However, the beauty of boat sharing is the owner can set whatever price he wants.

“All you need is a couple pictures, a description, throw it up there, set your price and you’re good to go,” Viaene said.

BoatBound boasts an owner can essentially remove all the cost associated with a boat by renting it out just three times a month.

Between gas, maintenance, and paying for a dock, making a little extra to offset those costs appeals to Quam.

“I figure it costs me $100 a trip to run this boat,” he said. “It sounds like a good idea. ”

It’s just one growing effort to make those days spent in between buying and selling a little more enjoyable.

For more information on boat sharing, we’ve included links to all three services offered here in Minnesota below.

Social Floats:

Get My Boat:


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