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The Orono Planning Commission will hold a public hearing in the Orono Council Chambers at 2780 Kelley Parkway on Monday, July 17, 2017, beginning at 6:30 p.m. on the matter of reviewing the following land use applications:

17-3947 Paul Vogstrom on behalf of William & Sue Dunkley, 2710 Pence Lane & 2709 Walters Port Lane, requests preliminary plat approval to create a private road outlot and move the lot line between the two properties.

17-3948 Apex Holdings, Inc. on behalf of Sanjeev Mangalick, 2635 Kelley Parkway, requests a Comprehensive Plan Amendment, zone change, Preliminary Plat, and Conditional Use Permit to permit the construction of a 70 unit senior, assisted and memory care facility.

17-3949 Kevin Kretch, 3155 Casco Point Road, requests a conditional use permit for grading and filling activities in excess of 500 cubic yards within the Shoreland, also grading and filling activities in excess of 50 cubic yards within the 75 foot setback. A variance for construction of retaining walls within the 75 foot setback is also requested.

17-3950 Nor-Son on behalf of Michael & Meredith Kuhlman, 1760 Shoreline Drive, requests approval of an average lakeshore setback variance and a lot width variance in order to construct a new residence on the property. A wetland setback variance is also requested.

17-3951 Stonewood, LLC on behalf of Forrest Burke, 1020 Tonkawa Road, requests approval of an average lakeshore setback variance for a pool.

17-3953 City of Orono Text Amendment to Chapter 78-1495 related to non-encroachments in the lake yard.

All persons wishing to be heard are encouraged to attend these meetings. This is not a final agenda and is subject to change prior to the hearings. Written comments are accepted and should be submitted to the City of Orono by July 11, 2017 if possible. Interested persons may review the applications and proposed ordinance language at City offices or by visiting the Citys Website at For an appointment, please call (952) 249-4620.

City of Orono

By: Planning Commission

Jeremy Barnhart, Community Development Director

Source: Laker & Pioneer | Notice of Public Hearings – CITY OF ORONO