Long Lake multi-sport complex gets update

If you’ve found yourself recently travelling down Wayzata Boulevard in Long Lake you may have noticed something different, or something missing rather.

The dome of the Alchemy Sports Complex at 2465 W. Wayzata Boulevard no longer towers over the horizon in Long Lake.

Owner, Donny Mark said the disappearance of the dome is nothing to worry about.

“We’re just changing out the dome,” Mark said.

Mark explained that changing out the dome is routine maintenance. “Domes are switched out around every 25 years or so,” Mark said.

Over that time span the fabric that makes up the dome gets worn down by the elements and “beat up from sun exposure” according to Mark.

Despite the disappearance of the dome, the sports complex which features a 180 foot by 150 foot main field and a 90 foot by 40 foot sport court will still be open for outdoor use. The complex also features a separate skills area and a skills studio.

The courts will be open for outdoor use until the new dome gets put into place sometime in August.

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