Minnetrista approves plan draft, hears from developers

During their June 5 meeting, the Minnetrista City Council approved a draft of the 2040 Comprehensive Plan and discussed a pair of upcoming development projects.

Eric Zweber from the engineering firm WSB was there to give a brief presentation on the proposed draft of the 2040 comprehensive plan. The 2040 plan has been in the works for over a year and recently was reviewed during a public hearing at the Minnetrista Planning Commission.

Zweber said there were some major changes from the 2030 plan, which included the density of the residential areas in Minnetrista.

“A lot of this was done because of the amount and the density that you have for the high density that you have in your community,” he said. “It’s the exact same area as 2030 plan. The area hasn’t grown, it’s the density that has grown.”

He also said that there have been additions of commercial areas as well as moving around some of the urban reserve areas.

Source: Laker & Pioneer | Minnetrista approves plan draft, hears from developers