DNR Warns of Cold Temps, Fast Currents in Area Waters 

With temperatures expected to reach the 90s this weekend, many Minnesotans will head to lakes, rivers and streams.

And with several drownings in the state already this week, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources is telling people to be careful around the water.

“Water temperatures (are) generally still in that below-70-degree-level where hypothermia can still set in,” Minnesota DNR Boat and Safety Outreach Coordinator Lisa Dugan said. “The air temperatures (are) going to feel really nice if it’s in the 90s, but emerging in that cold water, you start losing your ability to swim.

“You start feeling it in your limbs and it affects your swimming capability.”

Another danger comes from fast moving currents on the Mississippi and St. Croix Rivers brought on by heavy rainfall this spring.

“Even though the water levels are below that slow-no wake zone, the water is still moving extremely fast and there’s still some debris in the water,” Dugan said. “It affects everybody – anglers, boaters, paddlers, people swimming on the river. Everybody really needs to be putting on their life jackets and taking that precaution.”

Source: DNR Warns of Cold Temps, Fast Currents in Area Waters | KSTP.com