Steamboat cruises begin this weekend

Steamboat cruises begin Saturday June 3rd. Dock at 400 Lake St, Excelsior.

The Minnehaha debuted in 1906 as an extension of the Twin Cities’ streetcar system, spent nearly five decades at the bottom of the Lake Minnetonka, and was salvaged and restored in 1996 for passenger service. Visit for ticketing information.

Pictured, from the early 1900s, lines of people wait to board the Como, one of the steamboats that operated around Lake Minnetonka. (Photo courtesy Museum of Lake Minnetonka –

FYI Note from the Editor: The streetcar boat in the photo, the “Como” is still in Lake Minnetonka, scuttled just north of Big Island in 1926.

Source: Sun Sailor | Steamboat cruises begin May 27