Opportunities available for invasive species detection

With the Minnesota fishing season upon us, you can help protect your favorite lake from aquatic invasive species (AIS).

While boating, you simply have to follow three simple steps: Clean, Drain, Dry.

Before leaving a lake, boaters should clean all visible plants and other debris from all equipment; drain any water from the craft and keep drain plugs out; and wipe everything dry.

Disposing of unwanted bait also helps prevent the spread of AIS.

You can also help prevent the spread of AIS by becoming an early detector.

By joining the Minnehaha Creek Watershed District’s (MCWD) team of volunteers in keeping an eye out for new AIS, you can help catch any new infestation early and improve the chances for successful management.

You will be provided with the tools and the know-how to identify what’s invasive and what’s native and you report your findings back to MCWD.

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