Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office disputes Homeland Security report 

The Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office disputed on March 23 the county’s inclusion on a federal list of law enforcement agencies that haven’t honored requests to hold detainees for Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

The Department of Homeland Security report was issued after President Donald Trump signed an executive order in January that requires ICE to report on immigrants that were released after ICE asked them to be held until they could be taken into custody by the federal agency.

About 50 other city and county jails were also included in the federal report that was signed as an executive order after Trump promised to crack down on local law enforcement agencies that fail to comply with ICE and threatening to withholding federal funding.

“Let me be very clear, on three things,” said Sheriff Rich Stanek. “First and foremost as I’ve said there is no safe haven or sanctuary of criminals anywhere in Hennepin County. Secondly the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office fully cooperates with Immigrations and Customs Enforcement and all of our federal law enforcement partners to the fullest extent of the law. Third, our agency respects and protects constitutional rights of all people we interact with. This is job one for all local law enforcement, Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office and local law enforcement county wide.”

Vicente Guerrero-Fernandez
Julio Vega

Hennepin County was listed on the DHS report for not cooperating with ICE on the release of two individuals, Julio Vega and Vicente Guerrero-Fernandez. Minneapolis Police arrested both individuals Feb. 1. Vega was charged with fifth-degree possession of narcotics and Guerrero-Fernandez for weapon offenses.

Stanek said ICE was notified when both inmates were scheduled to be released. Upon release, both inmates were taken into ICE’s custody Feb. 3. The HCSO released images on March 23 showing ICE agents taking Vega and Guerrero-Fernandez into custody.

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