Excelsior Fire District firefighter makes history 

This month, Excelsior Firefighter Brandy Graef became the first female fire engineer in the district in addition to being the first firefighter to earn five helmets.

“For Brandy, she’s been a contributing member of our organization,” said Fire District Chief Scott Gerber. “In the 11 years I’ve been here, she’s been involved in a number of different ways. She’s been a firefighter, involved in our training as a captain and recently an engineer. It’s a great testament to her ability and interest to diversify and be involved and make a difference in the Excelsior Fire District.”

Fire departments across the country, along with the Excelsior department, use the color of their fire helmets to indicate rank. As firefighters work their way through the ranks, their training and dedication is recognized through a ceremony where they are awarded a new color of fire helmet, signifying their new role.

This year, Graef, became the first female fire engineer. She is also the first Excelsior District firefighter, of any gender, to earn all five colored helmets.

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