The Orono Planning Commission will hold a public hearing in the Orono Council Chambers at 2780 Kelley Parkway on TUESDAY, February 21, 2017, beginning at 6:30 p.m. on the matter of reviewing the following land use applications:

17-3894 City of Orono Text Amendment related to accessory structures in the side yard setback. The ordinance may also reorganize grading rules throughout the city.

17-3896 City of Orono Text Amendment related to Structural and hardcover regulations throughout the city.

17-3897 City of Orono Text Amendment related to the regulation of private and special events throughout the city.

17-3898 Dale Richardson on behalf of CBS MN Properties, LLC, owner of the property at 2060 Wayzata Blvd. W., requests an amendment to the text of Orono Zoning Code Section 78-795 to include daycare centers as an allowed conditional use within the B-6 Highway Commercial District.

16-3899 James Smale representing Little Acorns Child Care, requests approval of a conditional use permit for a daycare center to be located at 2060 Wayzata Blvd. W. (Lot 1, Block 1, Amber Woods Office Centre).

17-3900 Scott Kirchner on behalf of Raymond Lipkin, 1090 Heritage Lane, requests approval of a lot area variance.

17-3901 Michael Demenge, 4380 Sixth Avenue North, requests a front setback variance in order to construct a second story addition over the existing home within the setback.

17-3904 Laurel Ulland Architecture on behalf of Martha Myers Head, 2090 Shoreline Drive, requests approvals in order to construct a replacement guest cottage on pilings within the floodplain including conditional use permits for the type of floodplain construction as well as the guest house use; an average lakeshore setback variance and lake setback variance are also requested.

17-3906 Joshua/Markum Builders, Inc. 3472 Lyric Avenue, requests lot area and lot width variances and a structural coverage variance in order to construct a new home to replace the existing home on the property.

All persons wishing to be heard are encouraged to attend these meetings. This is not a final agenda and is subject to change prior to the hearings. Written comments are accepted and should be submitted to the City of Orono by February 14, 2017 if possible. Interested persons may review the applications and proposed ordinance language at City offices or by visiting the Citys Website at For an appointment, please call (952) 249-4620.

City of Orono

By: Planning Commission

Jeremy Barnhart,

Community Development Director

Source: Notice of Public Hearings – CITY OF ORONO