Wayzata native to appear on ‘Shark Tank’ with company Vibes 

Like many innovations, the idea for Jackson Mann’s high-fidelity earplugs was born out of the desire to solve a problem. Attending a concert in 2014, the Wayzata native ruptured an eardrum after standing too close to a speaker. At the suggestion of his doctor, he wore a pair of foam earplugs the next time he went out for a show.

“I put them in and instantly realized that they completely destroyed the sound quality,” he said.

Mann had an idea: To create a pair of earplugs specifically designed for listening to live music that would lower decibel levels without altering sound quality. He enlisted the help of the University of Minnesota’s Audiology Department for product testing and worked with Minneapolis concert venues and music festivals during development.

“They lower decibels equally from base to treble, so unlike a foam earplug, Vibes actually filter acoustics. So at concerts, sporting events or any loud event, it allows you to still hear the music clearly, just at a lower decibel where your ears aren’t becoming damaged,” Mann said.

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