Long Lake restaurant reopens doors after brief closure 

The beginning of a new year is a time for change, rejuvenation and sometime full-blown reinvention.

Long Lake resident, Felipe Villalpando is taking those new year ideals and applying them to his restaurant Lagos.

However, Lagos isn’t necessarily a new restaurant and Villalpando wasn’t always the owner.

The restaurant used to be known as El Parian and was owned by Aldo Escoto, who was indicted with 46 federal charges, mostly related to drug trafficking. Charges against Escoto alleged that Escoto used restaurant ownership as a cover for illicit activities.

Villalpando managed El Parian for four years under Escoto’s ownership and said that the restaurant in Long Lake had nothing to do with drugs or Escoto’s alleged illegal activity.

“We have nothing to do with drugs over here,” Villalpando said in a past interview with the Pioneer. “And laundering money? We haven’t received a dime over here from the outside. I know what’s going on here; I’m here, open to close, open to close,” he added.

Villalpando is looking to put the scandal of Escoto and El Parian into the past and push into the future by redesigning and rebranding the restaurant.

Full story here: A fresh start: Long Lake restaurant reopens doors after brief closure