Most hated phrases of 2016 

The ~interesting~ year that was 2016 is over, which means it’s time to reflect back on the last twelve months, and get bitter about all that has gone down.

That’s the true spirit of Christmas, right?

While we’re mostly moaning about the reign of the avocado and society’s need to ruin a perfectly good bagel by making it rainbow coloured, there are some annoying things that are so consistently irritating, they transcend 2016’s awfulness entirely.

The Marist Institute for Public Opinion has just released its annual report on the most annoying phrases, as determined by a poll of the people of the US, and found that – for the eighth year running – ‘whatever’ is the phrase that annoys people the most.

Which we can understand.

Whether you’re using ‘whatever’ in answer to picking a place to eat (JUST CHOOSE A CUISINE, DAMN IT), to dismiss something important, or to express your 2016-related angst, ‘whatever’ is non-committal and often comes across as a bit rude.


‘Whatever’ was chosen as the most annoying phrase by 38% of Americans, followed by ‘no offence, but’ in second place, ‘you know, right’ in third, and ‘I can’t even’ in fourth.

‘Huge’ also annoys 8% of Americans. Interesting.

The poll didn’t go into the annoying-ness of ‘whatevs’, but we’re confident in saying that that is even more irritating and anyone saying ‘whatevs’ and ‘I can’t EVEN’ on a regular basis should probably stop as soon as possible.

Or not. Whatevs.


Source: ‘Whatever’ is the most hated phrase of 2016 | Metro News