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The Orono City Council will hold a public hearing in the Orono Council Chambers at 2780 Kelley Parkway on Monday, January 9, 2017, beginning at 7:00 p.m. on the matter of reviewing the following land use application:

16-3885 Hans & Sharon Bergh, 2800 Shadywood Road, request approval of the following variances in conjunction with redevelopment of the property:

1. A 75-foot lake setback variance from the channel and a rear setback variance in order to reconstruct a detached garage 24.3 from the rear and 40.9 from the channel in a slightly smaller footprint with an upward expansion because the garage will be elevated 6 on fill to comply with the 100-year floodplain rules combined with a proposed 3.5 increase in roof height resulting in a peak height of 17 8 where 14 2 currently exists;

2. A garage size variance to allow the existing 1,080 square foot nonconforming garage to be reconstructed and expanded in height with a 1,056 square foot footprint; and

3. A variance to construct a new residence partially elevated on fill material which does not conform to the requirement that such fill material extend 15-feet from the structure on the north east side of the home.

All persons wishing to be heard are encouraged to attend these meetings. This is not a final agenda and is subject to change prior to the hearings. Written comments are accepted and should be submitted to the City of Orono by January 3, 2017 if possible. Interested persons may review the application at City offices or by visiting the Citys Website at

For an appointment, please call (952) 249-4620.

City of Orono

Jeremy Barnhart,

Community Development Director

Source: Notice of Public Hearings – CITY OF ORONO